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Text Analytics Singapore & Thailand

Do you accurately interpret what users think of your products and services? Do you share these critical insights with stakeholders – and use the data to drive targeted decision making?

Gathering customer feedback is a critical component in any Voice of the Customer program. You conduct surveys and collect text-based feedback – but analyzing open-ended survey results, blog comments, Facebook and Twitter posts, emails, and more can be overwhelming. Who has time to read through mounds of text-based customer comments?

Introducing Verint Text Analytics
It enables your company to quickly collect, easily analyze, and rapidly act on customer feedback from internal and external sources. Accessible via a secure, Web-based dashboard helps you quickly and effectively see what your customers are saying, target critical issues, and respond to customer and market demands.

A Detailed Look At Feedback
Text Analytics exposes the “why” locked within text-based feedback – empowering your organization to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, accelerate product innovation, and impact the bottom line. it does the heavy lifting for you – automatically creating topics based on word frequency and displaying data in bar charts, tables, word clouds, and other visually compelling reports.

Create Reports in Many Formats

Elevate your Voice of the Customer program to a higher level:
It improves customer satisfaction and retention, reduces overall customer costs, and presents you with a universal view of your customer experience – making it both relevant and actionable.

Automatic Categorisation & Topic Learning


Customer Feelings and Sentiment


Text Analytics helps organizations:

  • Analyze all sources of text-based feedback, including surveys, email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual processes
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by enabling companies to quickly respond to issues and concerns
  • Analyze root cause by reading individual responses and understanding customer sentiment, emotion, and behavior driver
  • Gain a holistic view of your enterprise by uniting feedback from text channels, the contact center, branch offices, and back-office operations
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