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Verint Text Analytics
Extract actionable insights in open text response  

Customers are increasingly choosing to engage with business via a variety of text-based channels.
Often, these actionable insights are hidden deep in these text-based customer engagement: 

In addition to Verint Speech Analytics, Text Analytics help you analyse, report and take action on every text interaction in your business. 
With Text Analytics, you can analyse open text and understand what matters, in your customers and employees' own words

Modern user interface with advance visualisation

Using automated theme discovery, trending themes will automatically be loaded to the
dashboard, bringing attention to the people that need to see them the most.

Group discussion topics and conversational relationships together without user having
to predefine them
- Create interaction categories for long-term analysis/studies
Refine and add new themes over time to stay on top of customer perception and what's
being communicated during interaction


Measure Efficiency and Performance 
& Formulate actions to improve processes 

Text Analytics supports conversational analytics and can separate interactions between
employee and customer stream.By understanding what irritate and delight your customers,
your business can improve your overall customer experience while managing operaional
service goals.

Offer insights into customer sentiments
Reveal issues that demand for immediate actions and recent trending topics
Flag suspicious interaction that breach regulations and failure to internal policies


Verint Unified VoC
Collect and Connect data
at every meaningful touchpoints

Whether is it call, emails, chat, social interaction, ratings review or forum, Verint Unified Voc Platform connect all your feedback altogether
in one place. 

By combining data from all channels into a single source, you can pull insights from a variety of channels to analyse into your entire customer journey
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