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Customer Interaction Feedback

Verint Speech Analytics
A better way to extract, analyse and use critical business data

Data contain critical information related to the root cause of key business issues. A typical organisation collects and store data
related to customer interaction feedback however the volume of phone calls often exceed business's ability to manually review and analyse them

Gain a deeper understanding from your data

Verint speech analytics can categories call content with high accuracy that includes accents, dialects and slag and customised to accomodate specialised words such as industry terminology: 

Process and transcribe up to 100% of calls and provide results within seconds
- Explore every word identified in processed call and extract useful information
- Search unlimited number of terms by keyword, phrase or business category



Provide insights to improve agent performance,
call handling efficiency and accountability

Verint Speech Analytics can provide sophisticated conversational analytics to automatically identify, group, and organize the words and phrases spoken during calls  

Discover key concepts and relations that represent the main idea and processes
Identify terms automatically that indicate specific topics and issues - to reduce agent handling time and repeated calls
Analyse emotions and interaction dynamics (silence, interaction hold time, talk-over time etc)


Plan & Provide
targeted coaching to your agents

When analyzing interaction,  you can listen to interactions retrieved by your search and review them in detail. Analysing a specific interation allows you to evaluate the interaction and provide feedback to the agent/employee who handled the call and trigger coaching program directly.



Verint Unified VoC
Collect and Connect data
at every meaningful touchpoints

Customers are increasingly choosing to engage your business through a variety of digital channels.

Verint Unified Voc Platform combine every customer's feedback across channels tagging it with the relevant service interaction your business had with customers. By combining data from all channels into a single source, you can identify critical moments to act timely and at scale to deliver better experience to your customers
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