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Competitive advantage often depends on anticipating market needs faster and more visibly than your competitors. And nothing can tell you more about your business than the voice of your customers. Verint Speech Analytics provides advanced functionality that can help you glean valuable intelligence from thousands — even millions — of customer calls, so you can take action quickly.

Although your contact center records customer conversations, the sheer number of recordings can easily exceed your ability
to review and analyze them. But we can help.
Our Speech Analytics solution can mine recorded customer interactions to surface the intelligence essential for building effective cost containment and customer service strategies. Used in combination with Verint workforce optimization, quality monitoring, and recording solution, Speech Analytics can help you pinpoint cost drivers, trends, and opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses with processes and products, and understand how your offerings are perceived by the marketplace. With Verint Speech Analytics, you can turn captured interactions into actionable intelligence for your entire enterprise.

Now You Can:

  • Gain insight from recorded calls to help reduce costs and improve products, processes, competitive advantage, and the overall customer experience.
  • Better understand customer behavior by categorizing and analyzing call content automatically to tell you why customers call, reveal the root cause of customer perceptions and high call volumes, and identify competitive threats and opportunities.
  • Better focus your quality monitoring program by automatically sending calls about key business issues to supervisors for review.
  • Accomplish more with fewer resources by sharing high-value intelligence across the enterprise with automated workflow tools.
  • Benefit from a lower total cost of ownership, increased security, greater return on investment, and other advantages from a solution that’s part of the unified Impact 360® Workforce Optimization suite.