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Robotic Process Automation Agency in Singapore & Thailand

Robotic Automation Solutions can help you improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity

Many organizations have operational areas that need to execute thousands of time-consuming business processes each day that, while moderately complex, are fundamentally rules-based and don’t require human decision making and judgment. Verint Robotic Process Automation can manage these tasks for you. This solution comprises software robots that can completely replace the need for manual processing of specific tasks or entire multistep processes within a functional area, automating them and operating around the clock.

Improve Operational Efficiency

In many instances, organizations rely on manual execution of processes which could be automated to shorten turnaround time, reduce human errors and help reassign expensive resources to tasks requiring more skill. Traditional approaches to automation involve tightly coupled integrations developed by expensive programmers based on inflexible designs, making it difficult or expensive to automate a large number  of processes.

With Verint Robotic Process Automation, software robots can use  the application’s existing graphic user interface to configure the  automation, and can perform data re-entry between applications  and other types of work that can be extremely repetitive, tedious,  or error-prone when performed manually. By executing complete  processes — or tasks within larger processes — the robots free up  valuable, more expensive human resources to concentrate on other tasks and handle more value-added work.

Key Benefits​

•   Executes high volumes of contact center and  back-office processes, such as address changes  and claims processing, around the clock, leading  to more activities being completed in less time.
•   Helps eliminate human error by offloading tedious, error-prone processes that require data to be rekeyed into multiple systems manually.
•   Reduces valuable time spent by employees on  non-value-added processes and helps decrease  in-house and outsourced workforce expenses.
•   Enables organizations to respond quickly to  periods of peak or unexpected demand by bringing additional robots online
•   Increases security by using robots to process  sensitive tasks or handle confidential information rather than employees.