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Predictive Experience
Automate Data Analysis and Utilize Predictive Insights to meet customers needs

Verint Predictive Analytics can automatically capture and measure feedback
from every touchpoint/interaction, formate and consolidate it in a single platform. Using insights from Verint Digital Experience, predictive analytics leverage artificial intelligence technologies and a patented, predictive experience management (XM) data science model over more than 15 years 


Predict ROI with proven prioritization model

The solution's patented Priority Index calculates experience scores across touchponts and then rank them by lowest score and highest impact. The quick, intuitive visualization can be helpful to detect sudden changes in CX performance and knowing where to focus first. 

Our collection of Continous Benchmarks enable you to benchmark your organization's performance against peers and best-in-class in more than 800 categories. You can know exactly how your organization compares, and formulate targeted strategies and tactics for improvements. 

Key Benefits of 
Verint Predictive Experience

 Capture in-depth information about a visitor's entire experience 

 Over 600 model surveys available for multiple industries

 Prescriptive data based on 20 years of benchmark information across dozens of industries 

 Proprietary predictive algorithms to show your business where to focus
for maximum return 



Verint Unified VoC
Collect and Connect data
at every meaningful touchpoints

Customers are increasingly choosing to engage your business through a variety of digital channels.

Verint Unified Voc Platform combine every customer's feedback across channels tagging it with the relevant service interaction your business had with customers. By combining data from all channels into a single source, you can identify critical moments to act timely and at scale to deliver better experience to your customers Learn More









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