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Collect Data Offline With Mobile Online Surveys And Report On It Online

Verint EFM Offline allows organizations to easily and economically collect survey data offline on mobile devices running on Windows or iOS and then upload the data to a centralized response database. It integrates directly with Verint EFM Survey.

EFM Offline is designed for instances where offline (no Internet connection) Mobile Survey data collection is required. Although many surveys are conducted via the Web, customers often require an offline method of gathering data without reverting to paper or the telephone.

EFM Offline Survey allows users to gather data offline and upload the captured responses to a server-hosted response database once an online connection has been re-established. All responses gathered from EFM Offline are co-located with survey responses received from other modes — Web surveys, Kiosk surveys, Mobile Survey — in order to ensure that all feedback is integrated and available for reporting.

Using this capability, sales teams can now gather feedback in person as they meet with clients, field interviewers can conduct surveys on the street, general household surveys can be conducted conveniently on a tablet device, military personnel in the field can conduct assessments in areas where wireless Internet connections are not possible, and event organisers can conduct surveys at trade shows, etc.