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Post Contact Center Interaction
Conduct Automated Voice Recognition Survey to obtain Accurate feedback from your customers

Continuous real-time feedback from customers is crucial for any business. Verint EFM-IVR is a key component of a broader Voice of the Customer
solution that help organization simplify, modernize and automate how they listen, analyze and act on VoC across digital, voice, text and social
interaction. It natively links IVR VoC Capabilities with quality assessment, performance management and operational data to provide the 
why-behind-the-what, diagnosing the reasons for overall trend and facilitating analysis, right down to individual calls or agent level

Designed specifically for business users, this flexible scalable solutions can:

Engage your customers with targeted, in-the-moment survey
- Collect feedback from your customers immediately after their interactions with your agent via IVR
automated survey that are delivered based on the business  
- Building a survey is simple and straightforward with templates or point-to-click designer. Surveys
are presented based on the rules your business define which cna be dynamic and relevant.



Facilitate Timely Action 
By defining rules to trigger alerts automatically and being able to link feedback to actuall call 
recordings, your business can drill down to specific calls for further analysis or implement a broader
strategic change such as initiating training programs to help optimize agent engagement and 
retention level or restructure your business to align with current customer demand



Provide Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
Create rich, relevant report and dashboard to help your team turn feedback into actions: 
- Participation Metric Reports: Overview and detail view of response and completion rate, question
detail ,individual and aggregated responses, access to recorded calls and more
-Business Objective Reports: Summary of metrics to identify strong and weak performers for agent,
supervisor and manager level
-KPI Correlation Matrix: Discrepancies between two or more areas of strength and weaknesses



Combine with other VoC solution to improve your Overall Customer Experience
 Combine with Verint Enterprise Feedback Management to capture customer sentiment across
additional channels such as email, website, mobile and SMS to achieve a comprehensive view.
This comprehensive view can help you gain a clearer picture of customer perception and drive
actions to improve customer experience and gain competitve advantage in your business





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