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Enterprise Survey Platform
Transforming Feedback into Actionable Intelligence

The relationship you have with customers and employees is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the competition, progressive organizations actively listen —they gather, analyze, and act on feedback to enhance products, improve loyalty, and increase revenue.

Designed specifically for business users, this flexible scalable solutions includes:

Simple and Easy to use

Build your own survey through add-and-drag editor, add multiple question types, logic, branching and customized branding. You can preview and deploy your survey in seconds and analyse resultsin real-time.

Other features include: 
Customizable templates, questions and themes to help improve response results
Import question from Microsoft Words
Import data from CRM system and other external sources 


Set Automatic Triggers

You can set custom condition to enable automatic trigger alerts. This can help you diagnose issues, plan out the best course of action and provide timely responses to communicate with your customers to resolve issues and enahnce loyalty along the customer journey  

Engage at the right time
using the right touchpoint

You can deploy your survey offline or by using web application, mobile browser, SMS or even a self-service kioks. Mobile surveys render in device-friendly formet and survey response can be 
captured offline and securely synced with web app when connected- a benefit when conducting
surveys in conferences, sporting events and other venues.

Single survey can be deployed via multiple modes at the same time through open participation email, mobile and social media help you obtain more in-depth answers and higher response rates. 



With captured data, you can turn it into actionable results using real-time dashboards, analytics and reporting. You can easily aggregate and track data across all surveys, different type of surveys, and various time periods in a single view. 

These insights can help you unify disparate approaches, systems and survey processed to facilitate targeted, informed business decisions. 


Our consulting team and CX Experts are here to manage everything for you
From designing your research study, to improve your response rate, to reporting on the results to analyzing and recommending the next action plan, we can help you build/improve your CX journey to drive long-term success 
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Verint Unified VoC
Collect and Connect data
at every meaningful touchpoints

Customers are increasingly choosing to engage your business through a variety of digital channels.

Verint Unified Voc Platform combine every customer's feedback across channels tagging it with the relevant service interaction your business had with customers. By combining data from all channels into a single source, you can identify critical moments to act timely and at scale to deliver better experience to your customers Learn More










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