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Verint Enterprise Feedback Management - Case Management
Closed-Loop Feedback Process 

With Verint Enterprise Feedback Management's advanced case management capabilities, you can open cases automatically based on survey responses, enabling quick action to resolve issues, heighten loyalty, maxmise productivity and identify service failures along your customer journey

Designed specifically for business users, this flexible scalable solutions includes:

Trigger Alert based on selected crtiteria 

Business can track and align issues and opportunities by stages in the customer journey, business unit, product/service or other criteria 

Benefit from centrally managing an end-to-end process all in one location with the ability to : 
Assign and prioritize cases automatically to help ensure timely responses and balanced workloads 
- Monitor case status, resolution times and full audit trails centrally across all cases and over time to help ensure follow up and closure 
Communicate with customers proactively throughout the process and their preferred channel


Proactive Customer Engagement 

Adding Advanced Case Management to your Multichannel Customer Feedback, you can formally track and resolve issues, driving action and accountability to your Customer Journey Analytics & Reporting

Identify trends and best actions taken 
with holistic journey tracking and analysis

The case report page provide a view of the general and detailed information on case management within the workgroup such as statuses, priorities, comments, reassigns and so on..

Through real-time dashboards and reporting, you can diagnose issues, identify root causes by exploring the response details page and collaboratively plan a best course of action. 





Our consulting team and CX Experts are here to manage everything for you
From designing your research study, to improve your response rate, to reporting on the results to analyzing and recommending the next action plan, we can help you build/improve your CX journey to drive long-term success 
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Verint Unified VoC
Collect and Connect data
at every meaningful touchpoints

Customers are increasingly choosing to engage your business through a variety of digital channels.

Verint Unified Voc Platform combine every customer's feedback across channels tagging it with the relevant service interaction your business had with customers. By combining data from all channels into a single source, you can identify critical moments to act timely and at scale to deliver better experience to your customers Learn More










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