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Our Software analyzes your interaction data across different channels to gather deeper insights.

Voice of the customer

- Verint Enterprise Feedback Management 
The only survey platform you need to gather, analyse and act on the feedback data your business received. Creating simple one-off customised survey to advanced survey, sending customised invitation and collecting real-time insights/exporting results within seconds  (Learn More)

- Verint Digital Feedback 
Integrating an iconic feedback symbol on your digital channel to capture customer-initiated feedback at any points of their journey to help your business make smarter and faster decision (Learn More)

- Verint IVR Feedback Management 
Collect feedback from your customers immediately after their interaction with your contact center agent via IVR automate survey (Learn More)

- Verint Mobile Offline Survey
Providen immediate, convenient and engaging way to collect customer feedback at the point of experience. This software is useful for field survey at remote location, kiosk, retail outlets .. (Learn More)

Customer Insights 

- Verint Speech Analytics 
Automate your business to listen and analyze daily interaction between your customers and your contact center associate. Understand customer sentiments and gain actionable insights  to reduce repeated calls, fix customers' issues and improve sales and customer satisfaction (Learn More)

- Verint Text Analytics 
Analyse, report and take action on every text interaction in your business. Text analytics analyze open text and understand what matters, in your cusomters and employees' own word (Learn More)

Operational Insights 

- Verint Predictive Experience 
Automatically capture and measure feedback from every touchpoint/interaction, formate and consolidate it in a single platform (Learn More)

- Verint Quality Management 
Select and evaluate large numbers of interactions across communication channels based on business relevance, employee performance and customer input (Learn More)