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The Ultimate
Customer Engagement Optimisation


Workforce Optimization
Verint workforce optimization solutions work across the enterprise, helping organizations gain deeper visibility into organizational performance and customer needs. By leveraging this intelligence, your business can better engage customers, deliver a more consistent customer experience, and gain valuable insight for continually refining products, services, processes, operations, and staffing.

Quality Management
Verint offers quality management and quality monitoring solutions to meet a wide range of contact center needs. From simple to sophisticated, contact centers around the world rely on our quality management solutions to help them increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and manage performance, processes, and costs.

Call Recording
Organizations around the globe rely on Verint recording solutions for full-time and compliance recording. We offer recording solutions for call centers, contact centers, and trading rooms of all sizes, whether they use traditional time-division multiplex (TDM) recording, Internet protocol (IP) recording, session-initiated protocol (SIP)—or a combination of these.

Workforce Management
Having the right number of employees—with the right skills—in place at the right time is a critical link in delivering superior customer service and managing costs. Verint offers enterprise workforce management (WFM) solutions to help organizations strike the optimal balance between workload and staffing—in contact centers and across the enterprise, including branches and back-office operations.

Performance Management
Managing performance and productivity is no easy task, given the multiple functions, disparate systems, and complex processes typical of the enterprise customer service environment. Verint Performance Management provides a single, standardized framework for efficiently tracking, managing, and improving individual and team performance across your enterprise, from contact centers and branches to back-office operations.

Desktop and Process Analytics
The cost and quality of customer service depend heavily on employee efficiency and accuracy. Work can slow to a crawl when systems are cumbersome, applications are complex and unintuitive, or business processes are flawed. Verint Desktop and Process Analytics can provide insight into how employees use applications and systems to perform their work in contact centers, branches, and back-office operations.

Building and keeping employee skills sharp can be a continual challenge for many organizations, particularly as products, services, processes, and staffing change over time. That's why Verint offers Web-based eLearning and Lesson Management functionality that can deliver training right to the employee desktop.

Verint Coaching is a practical solution to help contact centers and back-office operations make employee coaching a part of daily operations. It provides out-of-the-box workflow for assigning, delivering, and tracking employee coaching, helping organizations offer employees better guidance on developing and enhancing their skills.

Speech Analytics
Nothing can tell you more about your business than the voice of your customers, but the sheer number of recorded customer conversations in your contact center can easily exceed your ability to review and analyze them. With Verint Speech Analytics, you can glean valuable intelligence from thousands — even millions — of customer calls quickly, so you can take action quickly.

Text Analytics
Collecting, analyzing, and acting on what your customers say is critical for improving satisfaction—and for ensuring the ongoing success of your organization. With Verint Text Analytics, you can capture feedback from multiple channels, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and empower your organization to drive change.

Enterprise Feedback Management
The relationship you have with customers and employees is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the competition, progressive organizations actively listen—they gather, analyze, and act on feedback that helps enhance products, improve loyalty, and increase revenue. With Verint Enterprise Feedback Management, organizations can centralize customer and employee feedback across IVR, email, Web, SMS, and mobile channels, then take action quickly.

Engagement Analytics
Today’s customers use multiple communication channels—often simultaneously—to interact with your business. With Verint Engagement Analytics, you can capture, analyze, and correlate massive amounts of data on customer interactions, journeys, and profiles to help enhance customer and employee engagement and drive better business strategies.

Time and Attendance
Verint Time and Attendance provides an automated, accurate means for collecting, approving, and reporting on employee time across your enterprise, helping you manage staff time more effectively while facilitating compliance with labor laws.  It provides real-time data that organizations can use to control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and enhance customer service.