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Employee Engagement Survey

What Are The Drivers Behind Your Employees’ Satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction Survey directly affects customer experience and customer satisfaction, and positively influences organizational effectiveness and employee retention. In fact 65% of companies use this technique and employee engagement to evaluate overall Voice of Employee and workforce effectiveness (IBM – The Global Human Capital Study, 2008).

Understanding Is Key

Knowing if your employees are satisfied or not is very important, but understanding what the drivers behind their satisfaction or dissatisfaction are, what metrics to look for, and what you can do to improve your employee satisfaction survey are far more important elements you need to focus on.

To realize the full value of Employee satisfaction, you need to shift your view from the fragmented individual transactions and surveys to a strategic program that shows you the way to improve the satisfaction of all the employee and enhance employee engagement and loyalty. You need a solution that establishes a continuous and consistent feedback process to listen to and understand your employees; a solution that provides you with actionable data that you can use to build workforce commitment and advocacy, and preserve and grow your human capital.

The Verint Solution

To effectively improve satisfaction survey, you need to establish a continuous dialog to understand and engage your employees. You need a way to see the big picture and monitor key metrics affecting Voice of Employee and engagement.

You need a solution that:
  • Identifies and continuously monitors key drivers for satisfaction of employee and enables you to act on them in real time, enhance you plans, and be proactive
  • Gives your employees a voice in order to promote engagement, satisfaction and loyaltys
  • Enables you to follow-up or drill down deeper in relevant areas based on job profiles, organization, feedback, region, level of satisfaction, etc.
  • Reveals causes of dissatisfaction and triggers custom alerts to take action
  • Identifies areas of high priority to focus efforts and investments for maximum payoff
  • Connects you with your employees, establishes a continuous and enables you to have deeper understanding of your workforce
  • Seamlessly Integrates with your HRIS, LMS, ERP, or any other enterprise systems
  • Uncovers relationships and dynamics affecting morale, attitudes, satisfaction, frustration, motivation, and other variables within of your organization
  • Visualizes current performance and uncovers trends to plan for the future

Why Jusfeedback?

Our solutions enable you to go beyond surveying your employees; you can build and maintain engaging relationships with your workforce, have a deeper understanding of your employees, increase feedback quality and improve trust and loyalty.

  • We provides you with services, expertise and best practices to ensure your success
  • We put your customers’ data in the most secure platform in the industry
  • By partnering with us, the leader in EFM and the survey for employee satisfaction, you will join the success of more than half of the Fortune 500 who are already use Verint solutions to power their business and engage their employees