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Customer Satisfaction Survey

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

What Are Your Customer's Drivers Of Satisfaction?

If you are making decisions based on your last customer satisfaction survey, you might be running the risk of losing your customers. In fact many companies send customer satisfaction surveys but still don't have a clue about what are the real drivers behind their customers' satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Can You Trust Your Satisfaction Data?

You know that Voice of Customer is crucial to your company's bottom-line; it is the shortest route to renewed business, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities. However, it is very likely that your satisfaction data is not accurate if you don't have the right process and solution in place to look at the overall across all customer touch points, and identify and monitor key drivers for customer satisfaction.

Disparate transactional satisfaction surveys provide only a slice of the data, and often yield bipolar or insufficient data that can't be trusted for business decisions. To realize the full value of customer you need to shift your view from the fragmented individual transactions to a strategic program that shows you the way to improve your customer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty.

To effectively improve Voice of Customer, you need to hardwire the Voice of the Customer to your business strategy and processes. You need a way to see the big picture and monitor the overall client satisfaction across all customer touch-points.

The Verint Solution

You need a solution that:
  • Identifies and continuously monitors key drivers for customer satisfaction and enables you to act on them in real time
  • Seamlessly Integrates with your or your partners' CRM, ERP, call center system, helpdesk system, or any other enterprise systems
  • Reveals causes of dissatisfaction or churn and triggers custom alerts to make necessary changes to deliver on customers' needs immediately
  • Adapts to various metrics: NPS, CLI, CSI and any other metric currently used
  • Visualizes current performance and uncovers trends
  • Gives customers a voice to promote engagement and loyalty to your brand
  • Identifies areas of high priority to maximize growth and loyalty in key accounts

Why Jusfeedback?

Our solutions enable you to connect the dots between Voice of Customer and other metrics and initiatives across the enterprise. You can easily know the effect of employee satisfaction and/or training effectiveness on customer for example; something you could never get out of one solution before.

  • We provides you with services, expertise and best practices to ensure your success
  • We puts your customers' data in the most secure platform in the industry
  • By partnering with us, the leader in EFM and customer satisfaction survey, you will join the success of more than half the Fortune 500 who already use Vovici solutions to power their business and delight their customers