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Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Improve Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our range of solutions helps you to capture customer feedback in the key of moment of your CX journey.

A single survey can be displayed via multiple modes:

Web Survey
Embed customised survey into website
Share photo when providing feedback

Personalised Email Survey
Select segmented survey participants to obtain in-depth answer and reponse rate

Kiosk Survey
Get Direct and Immediate feedback from customers in your premises


Take Control of your surveys

Multi-Language Survey
Translate survey into multiple language and present survey in respondent's preferred language
Identify service problem and resolve customer issues in real time


Single-view Analytics
Aggregate and track records across different types of survey and time period


Add on: Unified VOC
Monitor and Optimize Customer Satisfaction across multiple touchpoints

Verint Unified Voc Platform combine every customer's feedback across channels tagging it with the relevant service interaction your business had with customers.

With a holistic view of every touchpoints, you can: 
- Resolve customer issues faster 
- Collect data in real-time from calls, website, IVR and many more
- Share data to agents, team supervisors or across departments 
- Identify root-cause, gaps and trends and take broder stategic initiatives




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EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY TO SERVE YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER How do you know that your clients or customers are satisfied with your products or services? What has been their overall experience with your company? And, if your answer is not clear to these questions, then you need to get to work and find it out ASAP. But, how can you? This is where Customer Satisfaction Surveys come to your rescue. If you want to survive and thrive in long term, you should understand customer satisfaction serves as a crucial aspect of your business. Moreover, if you have a big company where you cannot go for direct feedback from your clients, you need to take the help of Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Above all, they prove to be valuable tools that can help businesses discover the customer satisfaction levels with the products or services of the company. Get Excellent Customer Satisfaction Survey in Singapore Customer satisfaction surveys are important as they help you to determine the level of customer satisfaction. This way you can know what works and what doesn't along with what you need to improve to ensure a better experience for your clients or customers. Moreover, determining customer satisfaction is vital for your business because the cost of acquiring a new customer is generally 10 times bigger than the cost of retaining one. Also, people tend to expect products and services to be of good quality. So, when they get what they want they are less likely to talk about it but, if something goes off, they are more likely to talk about this with other people and their bad experience causes bad publicity. At Jus Feedback, we offer a single platform where you can get all your customer data in a single platform. With us, you can efficiently plan your customer journey while we manage everything for you. You can also make connections between different projects as well as data sets. Alongside, you get the option to enable alerts and automate emails to escalate actions. Moreover, you can find plenty of reasons to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to have customer satisfaction surveys in Singapore as follows: ● Discover your happiest clients and customers that you can turn into ambassadors ● Look for unhappy clients and situations that cause dissatisfaction and need to be fixed ● Determine the overall satisfaction level of your company/ brand ● Get actionable feedback from your consumers and work to improve them