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Monitor the Quality and Performance of your Contact Center with Logepal's Leading Software Solution

Logepal is the undisputed leader in display solutions in France with 70% share of the market equipping the majority of medium-to-large Contact Centers. Interfaced with the Cisco and Genesys CTI solutions, as well as with leading ACD’s (Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Nortel), LogePal allows the display of ACD and CTI data in customized formats

Real-time display of strategic data for agents and supervisors to track quality and performance of your contact center
Supervisors and managers can send messages on one or serveral wallboards or locations in real-time or at set times using pre-defined rules
Integrates with real-time statistics and data to display graphical and visual objects customized to the needs of all contact centers

Summary of Key Features of LogePal

LogePal comes with a set of advanced features that enable every contact center to meet their own customized needs. It also provides management at all levels with all the information needed to make informed decisions:


Actionable Intelligence

Integrated view of all call center activities


  • Data collection from multiple sources via connectors
  • Real-time data connectivity and performance monitoring
  • Integration with all major systems and tools
  • Historical data and trend projections
  • Hierarchical representation of the organization


  • Customized security access policies
  • Relevant data display and metrics calculation

Rich Content and Visuals

  • Drag and drop graphical components
  • Multimedia display: video, ppt, images, web pages, etc.
  • High end creative design of displays



  • User friendly configuration
  • Easy Administration

Business Benefits from LogePal

Activeo is the undisputed leader in display solutions in France. With of 70% share of the market, LogePal equips the majority of medium-to-large Contact Centers.

With LogePal, customers have been able to reap many business benefits.  Here are some of the benefits LogePal can bring to your organization:

  • Maximizes the impact and ROI of your call center
  • Increases the effectiveness and efficiency of contact center agents
  • Improves  quality of service and overall business performance


All LogePal modules are easily integrated rapidly installed and are offered at an affordable cost.

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