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Over the years, Jusfeedback expanded its operation more than just managing surveys. We manage data such as interaction, speech recordings, emails, charts and social media to help your business identify gaps and understand better what lies behind motivation, frustration and expectations from your employees and customers.

Over 10 years of operations and counting

Unifying technology, service and strategy

Simplifying your feedback process, analysing your data, collecting insights
and convert them into actionable informatio


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About Activeo 

From vision to conception to implementation of the right aolution, we help you build bridges between Business and IT 

For over 25 years and counting, Activeo offer a complete range of business solutions and technologies to improve your business's operational and service performance. What makes us different from the rest is we integrate your business/IT priorities, strategic consulting and service design into our technological offerings. 

Our Digital Expertise blend strategic consulting and technology solution to help your business create better customer experiences
Our Solutions can help you digitise some of your business operations